The Dawg Goes Green

Sustainability Solutions & Initiatives At Big Dawg Party Rentals

Equipment Cleaning & Dish Washing
- Maintain state of the art dish washing machines with water usage controls. These machines are monitored regularly to ensure they are working optimally to eliminate water waste.

- Use environmentally safe cleaning products. This not only reduces chemicals released into the environment but help increase safety. 

- Partnered with industry leader in pre measured water soluble cleaning pods. This insures we use an exact pre measured, single serve amount of cleaning solution every time. These water soluble dissolving pods are used in reusable cleaning solution bottles. This significantly cuts down on excess waste of cleaning product and cleaning solution bottles. These cleaning products are Green Seal Certified.

Linen & Laundry 
- Cotton Linen bags used for linen returns.

- Recycled linen hangers.
- Damaged linens are recycled into smaller size linens, napkins or donated to charitable organizations.

- Damaged linens used for equipment protection.

Equipment Re-purposing

- Parts from broken equipment are recycled for other future equipment repairs.

Office / Warehouse

- Printing with Eco tank printers.
- Implementation of energy efficient routing screens throughout facility to reduce printing.

Ways To Help At Your Next Event:

- Rent a water cooler instead of water bottles.
- If you must use paper & plastic use Eco friendly.
- Add Recycling pails.

- Use biodegradable and compo-stable items made from natural resources such as bamboo and starches.

The very nature of the event rental industry is green. However, we are committed and encourage our partners to do more. 

The Big Dawg Team is constantly implementing comprehensive energy efficient, recycling and sustainable procedures. We know how important going green is to our communities, employees and clients.

From inception we had a focus on waste reduction and operational efficiency. Here are a few Sustainability solutions & Initiatives;

- Tables & chairs used hundreds if not thousands of times.
- A focus on reusable products such as Bamboo.
- Re-purpose equipment after rental life.

- Equipment packed from cardboard we recycle with our in house cardboard shredder.
- Use of green plastic bags.
- Use environmentally friendly biodegradable wrap.

Fleet - Trucks & Vans
- Certified clean idle diesel trucks.
- Modern fuel efficient fleet within past 4 years.
- Fleet of various size vehicles for load efficiency. 
- Professional packing to minimize gas waste and reduce emissions from re-runs.
- All trucks equipped with GPS tracking system and route management planning.