Big Dawg Party Rentals is excited to see our city and state begin to reopen. As we reopen, the safety of our employees, customers and strategic partners is  our top priority. We used this time to reshape our processes to provide the same industry leading service while keeping everyone safe.

We are working with and closely monitoring the Coronavirus (COVID-19) guidance from the following;

- New York State

- New York City

- World Health Organization (WHO)

- Centers for Disease Control (CDC) 


- Delivery team members are required to wear masks and gloves which will be changed after each delivery. 

- We continue to have our delivery teams clean and disinfect

our product thoroughly upon arrival with additional focus

given to surfaces and high touch areas.

- We will standardize delivery teams using the same

delivery team and vehicle each day. Each Delivery Team

will be responsible for sanitizing their designated vehicles

before and after the shift. 

- Delivery teams will be instructed to perform contact-less deliveries and pickups when possible. 

- The use of masks and vinyl gloves is mandated for all warehouse, delivery and operational employees. Masks will be mandated for front office teams as well.

- All employees will remain at least six feet apart while performing their daily tasks. 

- All employees will be required to wash their hands at the beginning and at least every 45 minutes throughout the shift. We will provide hand sanitizer where sinks are not available.

- All employees will have their body temperatures taken & recorded. Any employee with a body temperature that doesn’t meet the CDC guidelines will be instructed to go home and won’t be permitted to return without medical authorization. 

- All employees will be instructed to clean operational area daily with recommended sanitizing products.

Workplace Safety

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Delivery Safety

- China, Glassware, Platters, Serving-ware and Flatware: Our equipment is cleaned in high temperature commercial dishwashers on a sanitizing cycle before storage. The dishwasher is set to use water temperatures in excess of 180 degrees Fahrenheit to remain in accordance with FDA guidelines. All equipment is wrapped immediately after the sanitation is complete. 

- Linens: All linens are washed with detergent and sanitized in our commercial washers. They are then dried, pressed and individually bagged.

- All Other Equipment: All of our equipment will be wiped down with disinfecting cleaner, sprayed using disinfectant sprayer or fogger machine. 

- Delivery Crates: Crates used to carry equipment will be sanitized by our dishwasher. Crates that don't fit in the dishwasher will be sanitized by our disinfectant sprayer or fogger machine.

Equipment Sanitation